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Noticeboard of Your Friends

Published 07/01/2011 and rated Ratingstars1 1 out of 5 stars
by AppAppeal Editor
Deadpooled, not active anymore
What can you use the app for?

Geeje provides users with an easy to use notice board that keeps them updated on what’s happening in the lives of friends, relatives and other contacts. The user can connect Geeje with their favorite social networks. The application pulls status updates and other information and compiles it all into one convenient place. The user can see who made a post, what the post said and when it was made. Any new posts made since the last time the user logged into Geeje are highlighted so the user can quickly review any new information without wading through status updates, links and posts they already read. The user adds each of their contacts and builds a separate Geeje profile for them. Users can also add feeds to their profiles to gather recent content updates from all over the internet.

Geeje screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app?

With so many different social networks and other resources on the web, it is perhaps not surprising that someone felt the need to create a way to compile the data into one place. Matt Votsikas, Geeje’s creator, wanted to provide users with a way to stay connected and up to date on what’s happening with the people they really care about. Today, Geeje provides users with a way to organize their friend lists and focus on the people that matter the most to them.

What are the differences to other apps?

There are many ways to manage social networks. Geeje is appealing because it gives users a faster way to check the status updates and other posts made by people that are important to them. The user decides who to add to their Geeje account. The application sorts through new posts, presenting them with a highlight so the user can jump right to recently added content. Geeje can also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to check up on friends and family on the web.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The Geeje website uses a soft blue color scheme offset by solid white. The blue background gives the application a very light, airy feel that works well with the narrow font of the white Geeje logo. The homepage presents users with a scrolling banner depicting the various features and uses of Geeje. The site is slow and not easy to understand.

How does the registration process work?

A new user can begin by clicking the grey “Join Now” link in the upper, right hand corner of the homepage (inside the white rectangle). The following page contains the registration form which includes a username and password. A small check box is available at the bottom of the form and must be selected to confirm the user’s agreement with the Geeje privacy policy and terms and conditions. After clicking the blue “Join Now” button at the bottom of the form, the user is automatically directed to their account dashboard.

What does it cost to use the application?

Geeje offers a basic service that works through many free resources. Charging a fee would be asking a bit much considering the simplicity of this application. Although it might not warrant a subscription fee, it is still a useful tool that can help user spend less time checking social networking profiles each day.

Who would you recommend the application to?

Geeje is aimed at anyone who manages multiple profiles on the web. The application allows users to receive updates on content feeds. We don't think this app is really useful and we don't recommend using it.

  • Choose who you would like to follow on Geeje
  • View status updates and wall posts made by your friends and family
  • Identify new posts by looking for those that are highlighted
  • Access content posted to multiple online resources
  • Add content feeds to your Geeje profile

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